Saturday, December 09, 2006

Presenting Tally 9

The revolutionary Tally Business Accounting software with concurrent multi-lingual capability has now been enhanced to offer far superior performance.

This greatly improved performance and stability in Tally 9 is the result of a remarkable amount of re-engineering. What’s more, Tally 9 now comes with advanced Payroll and POS Invoicing capability and several minor functional augmentations.

So, while Tally 9 has multiple features and functionalities, it is without a doubt, more powerful than ever before. Apart from helping you increase productivity and reducing costs, Tally 9 offers the following unique benefits:

Concurrent Multi-lingual Capability
Operate in any language* of your choice, concurrently - this means that you can enter accounts in the language of your choice, view reports in another language and print them in yet another language, at the same time
Enter data using normal keyboards with Tally phonetic keyboard support
Provides transliteration support for Indic family of languages.

* Currently, language support is available in 13 languages (Indian and international). Support for many more languages will be available shortly.

Enhanced Payroll Management that includes:
Capturing of employee related information like general employee details, payment details, statutory details, Passport and Visa details and contract information
Multiple methods for calculation of salaries
Auto-generation of payslips including multiple payslip printing
Tracking of loans and advances
Calculation of PF and Gratuity
Support for expatriate employee processing and generation of expiry reports

POS Invoicing
Invoice printing on 40 column paper in continuous mode
Faster data entry and calculation
Barcode support, batch support, multi-mode payment
Integration with accounts and inventory

Statutory & Taxation
Sales Tax and Service Tax compliance for Malaysia
VAT Compliance for Indonesia
GST Compliance for Singapore
Besides numerous enhancements for Indian tax compliances. Winjit technologies is an authorized service centre of Tally. We provide various services on Customization in Tally 7.2, 8.1.Please email

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