Sunday, December 10, 2006

Did you know …?
Consider that more than one company is loaded (selected) in Tally (e.g., TSPL (HO) and ABC & Company). Assuming the user is in the voucher entry screen of TSPL (HO), but wants to pass a payment voucher for ABC & Company; Tally provides the flexibility to do so from the voucher screen itself

Press F3:Company and from the List of companies, select ABC & Company to change to Current Company and press Enter.

The voucher screen displays ABC & Company now select the ledgers and when saved, it is updated in ABC & Company.

After saving the voucher, Tally returns to TSPL (HO) voucher entry screen.

Note: Using this feature in Tally, the user can copy (export) a voucher to another company, or copy the voucher and alter the information in the destination company. The master from within the voucher can also be copied to the new company. Use Ctrl + Enter to bring up the ledger alteration (secondary) screen.

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