Saturday, December 09, 2006

Presenting Tally 9

The revolutionary Tally Business Accounting software with concurrent multi-lingual capability has now been enhanced to offer far superior performance.

This greatly improved performance and stability in Tally 9 is the result of a remarkable amount of re-engineering. What’s more, Tally 9 now comes with advanced Payroll and POS Invoicing capability and several minor functional augmentations.

So, while Tally 9 has multiple features and functionalities, it is without a doubt, more powerful than ever before. Apart from helping you increase productivity and reducing costs, Tally 9 offers the following unique benefits:

Concurrent Multi-lingual Capability
Operate in any language* of your choice, concurrently - this means that you can enter accounts in the language of your choice, view reports in another language and print them in yet another language, at the same time
Enter data using normal keyboards with Tally phonetic keyboard support
Provides transliteration support for Indic family of languages.

* Currently, language support is available in 13 languages (Indian and international). Support for many more languages will be available shortly.

Enhanced Payroll Management that includes:
Capturing of employee related information like general employee details, payment details, statutory details, Passport and Visa details and contract information
Multiple methods for calculation of salaries
Auto-generation of payslips including multiple payslip printing
Tracking of loans and advances
Calculation of PF and Gratuity
Support for expatriate employee processing and generation of expiry reports

POS Invoicing
Invoice printing on 40 column paper in continuous mode
Faster data entry and calculation
Barcode support, batch support, multi-mode payment
Integration with accounts and inventory

Statutory & Taxation
Sales Tax and Service Tax compliance for Malaysia
VAT Compliance for Indonesia
GST Compliance for Singapore
Besides numerous enhancements for Indian tax compliances. Winjit technologies is an authorized service centre of Tally. We provide various services on Customization in Tally 7.2, 8.1.Please email
The Tally 9 Advantage
Tally 9 is the ultimate business solution, designed to meet the growing needs of your business. When you use Tally 9, you will see clear business benefits accrue right from the start. The following are the powerful advantages that you can enjoy with this versatile and robust solution: Expand your business - with the concurrent multi-lingual capability and multi-currency features that allow you to transact beyond geographical boundaries, without language barriers

No need to hire specialised resources – since Tally 9 is very simple to learn and the easy interface enables you to navigate the software without difficulty

Blazing Speed - provides you with the information you want - FAST

Unmatched Scaleability –Tally 9 adapts to the current and future needs of your business, irrespective of its size or style

Sheer Power – Tally 9 has the ability to handle huge volumes of transactions without compromising on speed or efficiency

Real-time access to information – enables quick decisions through fast and easy sharing of data from Tally

Better cash flow and savings on interest - by using the ‘receivables and payables’ management feature, to help you ensure on-time collections and generate reminder letters

Amazing Accuracy – Tally 9 provides user-definable templates for fast, accurate data entry

Manage your future dealings with bad debtors and persistent defaulters - using the payment performance of debtors feature, to identify them

Faster and error-free invoicing and data entry – using the multiple price levels feature to pre-define item rates for specific categories of customers

Identify products with high or low margins - with the profitability analysis feature, that provides you with product-wise and invoice-wise profitability

Avoid stocking excess items and ensure that you don’t run out of essential stock - by using the reorder feature, to set reorder levels for any given period

Better planning and dramatic improvement in co-ordination of your operations with reduced paperwork – as a result of using the integration across functions feature

Reduce costs and increase productivity – using features such as inventory management, receivables and payables management etc.

Accurate information tracking, quicker data entry and retrieval - thanks to the integrated system that ensures real-time linking of accounts and inventory

Get a better understanding and analysis of performance levels for various periods and divisions - with the advanced MIS feature

Enjoy better planning and forecasting – using sophisticated analytical tools that help you forecast and examine possible scenarios, and give you the ability to view provisional reports

Save time and reduce paperwork - by automating your Payroll process with the Payroll Feature in Tally 9
Presenting Tally 9 – The world’s most powerful concurrent multi-lingual integrated business accounting software

As your business grows and transcends state and international borders, you need a business accounting software that keeps pace with your complex business demands and simplifies growth. The software you choose must offer you greater speed, power and reliability, besides having the ability to adapt quickly to your business.Tally 9 was
engineered to effectively fulfill these needs and help overcome the challenges of a growing business.
Designed for unmatched speed, power, scaleability and reliability Powered by Tally’s path-breaking proprietary technology - C:MuLate (Concurrent Multi-lingual Accelerated Technology Engine) – Tally 9 is the result of a perfect fusion between the Concurrent Multi-lingual Platform and Object Oriented Database Engine. This technology is what ensures the blazing speed, power, scaleability and world-class reliability that Tally 9 promises.
Features that will empower your businessThe dynamic features and MIS capabilities in Tally 9 are designed to simplify your business operations, while giving you complete control over your accounting, inventory and statutory processes. Multi-lingual and data synchronisation capabilities, allow you to transact business without language barriers or geographical boundaries.
Tally 9 is very simple to learn and even easier to use. And the advantages of using this robust product are apparent from the start. To learn more about how Tally 9 can enhance your productivity and profitability, do look through the features and benefits.

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Cost Centre & Financial Ledgers

If the features Cost Centres are enabled, after financial ledgers have been created then by default, the feature will be enabled for all revenue ledgers. If you do not require the Cost Centre allocation for a particular ledger, use the Ledger Alteration mode to deactivate the same.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Ledgers > Alter

Set Cost centre to No. The Cost centre sub allocation screen will not appear every time the ledger is used in transaction. Winjit technologies is an authorized service centre of Tally. We provide various services on Customization in Tally 7.2, 8.1.
Please email

Do more with Tally’s Bank Reconciliation feature

Use an Effective Date for Bank Reconciliation: Say a company has data of the current year and/or previous year and you want to use the bank reconciliation facility from a cut off date, for example, 1st October 2005. By specifying this date in the field “Effective date for Reconciliation,” the vouchers for reconciliation will be considered only from the specified date.