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New Features in Tally 9

New Features in Tally 9
Release 1.0 Tally 9 – The World’s Most Powerful Concurrent Multi-lingual Integrated Business Accounting Software is now enhanced with major new capabilities like Payroll, POS Invoicing, Service Tax for Malaysia, Sales Tax for Malaysia and VAT for Indonesia besides numerous minor functional improvements in the product.

Payroll It integrates with Accounting, to simplify Payroll processing and accounting and can be configured to suit the requirements of various types of organizations.
You can now align, automate and configure simple to complex payroll processes, Payslip Printing, Salary/wage, Attendance, Leave/Overtime Registers, Gratuity and Expat Reports. You can also configure Payroll Data with cost centre reports for business analysis.
The enhanced Payroll in Tally 9 is now simple and allows you to generate a Payslip in four easy steps.
POS Invoicing POS in Tally is equipped with ease of use and advanced capability to simplify your retail operations. It has efficiently automated the Check-out process for your customers and you by allowing you to create invoices and to collect payment from your customers in seconds at the Point Of Sales.
Multilingual Support Tally 9 now provides the language interface support in Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia.
Statutory and Taxation Tally 9 provides compliance for Service Tax - Malaysia Sales Tax – Malaysia and VAT for Indonesia.
Minor Enhancements in Tally 9 Display of TDS Bifurcations The TDS bifurcations are displayed when you book expenses for amounts in crores.
Display of Bank Reconciliation Date in Form 16A Form 16A displays the Bank reconciliation date
Gridlines in Printed Price List Tally 9 prints price list with Grid lines…….When printed, all pages of the Price list will appear with Gridlines.
Cost Centres with Scenario Scenarios can be viewed in the Cost Centre Break up report. For example: Pass a reversing Journal for a Cost Centre. Create a scenario and include the reversing journal.
Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statement of Accounts > Cost Centres > Cost Centre Break-up
Select the cost centre from the list and press Alt + C (new column). Select the Type of Value (Scenario) and set Show variance to Yes to view details of its variance.
Stock Item with different rates in Invoice When a stock item is repeated in an order with different rates, values and additional descriptions, the invoice displays them individually in separate lines.
Negative Quantity Warning During invoice entry, the negative quantity warning is provided not just on the total closing quantity of an item but also on the quantity of a selected batch / Godown / Location of that item.
Exclusion of Groups for Payment and Receipt Vouchers While creating a class for Payment/Receipt Vouchers, you can exclude groups under the section Exclude these Groups to prevent them from appearing during Voucher Entry.
Sundry Debtors and Sundry Creditors are not included in the Exclude list.
Report Title in Multi-Account Printing To display Group Name as a report title when using the Multi Account printing option:
Go to Gateway of Tally > Multi Account printing > Account Books > Ledger > Group of Accounts
Select the required Group.
Display of Credit Days
While passing a Purchase entry in voucher mode, the number of credit days specified in due date displays in the Voucher under credit days.
Altering Single Groups in Multi Group Alteration Mode You can alter a Single Group in Multi Group alteration mode.
Altering a Forex Purchase Transaction When altering a Purchase invoice of a Forex transaction with Use Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation set to Yes in F12: Configure, the item allocation sub screen retains the currency selected.
Display of Surcharge in Credit Note The Surcharge paid on TCS is displayed in the Credit Note.
Period-wise VAT Forms Enhanced memory makes it possible to open VAT Forms for any period, including the fourth quarter.
Order of Ledgers in Purchase Invoice Set Use Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation and Accept Supplementary Details to Yes in F12: Configure to retain the order of additional ledgers entered in a purchase invoice even when you are in the alteration mode.
Invoice against the Sales Orders with Additional Ledgers You can now enter an invoice with Use Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation set to Yes in F12: Configure against the sales order with additional ledgers.
Purchase Vouchers All Purchase vouchers with/without VAT selected or a Purchase Voucher type with Print after Saving Voucher set to Yes are error-free after they are saved.
Staggered Delivery In Tally 9, an order containing different due dates can be tracked using single delivery note.
Interest on Loans to Sundry Debtors/Creditors Interest received on loan given to Sundry Debtors or Creditors is accounted with a Debit Note/Credit Note using a Voucher Class. The Interest Receivable report displays only the pending interest receivable and not the ones for which Debit Note/Credit Note have been raised.
Period in TR-6 Challan Tally 9 provides you the option of specifying the period for Service Tax payable which is captured in the TR-6 Challan.
Setting Off Excise Duty Credit against Service Tax Payable Tally 9 allows you to set off Excise duty credit against Service tax payable. This excise duty credit can be availed for inputs as well as for capital goods.
Display of Date of Deposit/Payment in Form 16A After TDS Reconciliation in Tally 9, the date of Deposit/Payment is appropriately displayed in the TDS Form 16A.
Inclusion of New ST3 Form Tally 9 includes the new ST3 Form of Service Tax.
TCS Surcharge Rounding Off The TCS surcharge rounding off is accurately displayed in Tally 9
Printing Cheques in foreign currency (this is an significant enhancement) Tally 9 allows you to print a Cheque in a foreign currency for a bank created using that foreign currency.
Go to F12: Configuration > Printing > Payment Voucher. Set Print Foreign Currency Symbol to Yes.
Performance Enhancements
Import of Statutory Masters The speed at which Statutory Masters can be imported has been greatly enhanced.
Display of VAT Computation Report The VAT Computation report is now displayed at a greatly enhanced speed.
Display of VAT Return report The VAT Return report is now displayed at a greatly enhanced speed.
Export of E-TDS report The E-TDS report can be exported at a greatly enhanced speed.
Important tasks to be performed by existing customers Statutory Compliance for Users who have upgraded from Tally 8.1 to Tally 9, have to select the country from the List of Countries at the Statutory compliance for field to enable the statutory features of the required country in Tally 9.
Go to Gateway of Tally > Cmp Info (Alt + F3) > Alter
Using TCPs migrated to Tally 8.1 in Tally 9 If you work on Tally 9 with TCPs migrated from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1, Tally 9 will rewrite the format of the TCP and will create a backup file for the TCP with an extension .BAK.
For example, the Emp.tcp migrated to Tally 8.1 will appear as Emp9.tcp and when the same is loaded on Tally 9, the backup file created will appear as Emp9.tcp.BAK.
You can use the TCP in Tally 8.1 by removing the extension .BAK.
Budgets in Tally 9 Budgets created for different periods in Tally 8.1 are clubbed in the First budget period itself after migration of Tally 8.1 data to Tally 9. Hence, it is advised that users manually recreate the budget in Tally 9 after migration to avoid possible loss of data. Winjit technologies is an authorized service centre of Tally. We provide various services on Customization in Tally 7.2, 8.1.Please email

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